“Twitter Founder, Jack Dorsey Is A PDP Member” Lai Muhammed Claims

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Nigeria’s Minister of Information, Lai Muhammed has claimed that the founder and CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey is a card-carrying member of of the Peoples Democratic Party. Mr Lai Muhammed said this while addressing members of the Nigeria National Assembly last weeks

“I can confirm to you that Jack is a member of the PDP. I did my investigation very well before I concluded. Jack, the founder of Twitter, registered with the PDP on the 27th of May, year 2011.

“For a very long time, he has been helping the opposition party with financial help. In fact, according to my findings, he donated a sum of 20 billion dollars to the party during the last election.

“From my findings, he doesn’t like President Buhari, and the reason is because Buhari, in 1984 when he was a military head of state, mistakenly slept with his Mum in London.

“According to a reliable source, Jack was like 5 years old at that time, and he saw how Buhari was banging his Mum from behind in their residence in London. Little Jack wasn’t happy that his Mum was cheating his deadbeat Dad with a black man.

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“So Jack has been on the President Buhari’s case since then. That is why he deleted Mr President’s tweet.” Lai Muhammed concluded

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