Nigerian Senators Smoke Weed During Session

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ABUJA – A number of Nigerian Senators were seen passing rolled weed around and smoking it during the last legislative session at the National Assembly complex, Abuja.

According to a reliable source, the Senators were seen with a smouldering weed, each taking a long puff before passing it around to the next person in an unholy communion style.

“Please share the weed, let me take a deep puff,” said a Senator from Oyo state as he took the rolled weed, smoked it and blew out a long smoke into the air. The smoke formed a misty circle in the air until it eventually dissipated. He then held his head, shook it rigorously aas if mixing a drink in his skull.

It was reported that the weed was brought by a Senator from Lagos state and she brought about 10 rolls of weed in her bag.

“This weed wont be enough for all of us,” She said. “We need to share it among ourselves. Just take a puff and pass it to the next person.”

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The Senators did as they were instructed and they all took a puff of the weed and passed it around.

After a day spent smoking weed, the Senators announced that they will be taking 3 weeks break from work in order to relax, steal some money, spend time with concubines and forget about their worries.

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