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Entire fake government uncovered in Abuja

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ABUJA – (Satire News) – In what will go down in history as the biggest scam of all time, an entire fake system of government has just been uncovered in the Aso Rock, Abuja, Nigeria’s seat of Power. This system of government has all the three tiers of government: the executive, the legislature and the judiciary.

It’s unbelievable how 200 million Nigerian people were made to think they are being governed by original system of government and none of them could suspect that the whole system is all fake.

Antonio Guterres, Secretary-general of the United Nations, said the discovery was absolutely outrageous. ‘I wont lie to you, it’s totally strange to me. So all these while, we have been dealing with a counterfeit government. Little wonder Nigeria’s corruption perception index has sky rocketed even though their current government came into power on the promises of change by fighting corruption.

“I, for one, never thought the man at Nigeria’s Aso Rock would achieve much. He doesn’t seem to be aware of anything happening around him. But this revelation that everything was a make-belief shocks the whole essence of our organization, the United Nations, and we are going to be coming up with sanctions against Nigeria in the coming day, one of which will be telling all member nations not to allow any Nigerian into their country for the next 3 years.”

Speaking to The Danfo Nation at the discovery, popular human right lawyer, Femi Falana, said he always suspected something wasn’t right in Abuja. He said:

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“I always knew something was missing because if you look at the indices, they are nothing to write home about. Our education system has collapsed; economy is already crumbled. People cant even afford 1 square meal again because price of food has more than doubled since this government came into power. Insecurity is on the high and people cant even travel within Nigeria with peace of mind. All these are indicators that the government up there is fake.

“I always knew. I have always been telling Nigerians but some people think we are antigovernmental. Now that the truth has been uncovered, we hope Nigerians have learned one or two lessons. And when next they want to choose their political leaders across all levels, they will be extra vigilant.” Falana concluded.

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