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At last, The Danfo Nation, Nigeria’s first and finest satire news website launched

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ABUJA – Nigeria’s first and finest satire news website, The Danfo Nation, has been launched today amidst jubilation and funfair.

Present at the launch ceremony that held at the prestigious Transcorp Hilton Abuja were important personalities from across the globe. People like Elon Musk, Joe Bidden, Jeff Bezos, Ngozi Okonjo Eweala, among other important personalities were all physically present at the launch ceremony.

For over 100 years, Nigeria, Africa’s most popular country, was without a dedicated satire website. Those who tried to do satire did it in addition to other none satirical endeavors.

Speaking to the press on the reason for founding The Danfo Nation, Debo Popoola ,who is the founder of the satire website, said satire is needed  in order to expose the ills in the society. He said:

“Satire is a huge weapon to correct and expose the anomalies in the society. A society that doesn’t embrace satire will always find itself sinking deep into the occasion of immorality.

“The reason why Nigeria is where she is today is because there was not dedicated satire website. We wanted to fill the gap by founding The Danfo Nation which will be used to expose the rots in our society.

“We promise our readers that they will have a wonderful experience with us. It’s going to be an adventurous rough ride, just like your typical Danfo Drivers in Lagos.

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“In fact, the name is symbolic. Anyone who has ever been to Lagos will know what Danfo is. It’s a very rough bus whose driver doesn’t normally follow traffic rules. For us as well, we will be breaking norms.

“We will produce content that will make our readers laugh, content that will make them think deep, content that will make them frown at us because we will be shaking some bad tables. Everyone will be touched in one way or the other, but it’s all for the good of our society.

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